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Corded Vacuum Cleaner

Perfect Tool for home use, Corded Dry Vacuum cleaner for cleaning Floors, Carpets or dusty services, Comes with 2 Washable Filters, 5m Long Power Cord to ensure it gets to all area of cleaning with ease.

Packed with Different Suction accessories

The Set comes with all kinds of cleaning heads to meet all your requirements

Two Filters Washable

Comes with 2 filters which are washable

16000Pa Suction Power

Powerful Suction , making it suitable for use on floors, Low Pile Carpets, and easily clean up hair, dust debris, coffe Beans etc

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Price Before: 8,500

Offer Price Ksh. 5,999

We offer same-day delivery within Nairobi Metropolitan . Outside Nairobi metrpolitan, the product [Your Order] gets to you the next day as from 8.00Am at G4S  outlet  that is near to you.

For any Inquiries, Reach us Via: 0799 463 654

Delivery Notice

When you order, We’ll Contact You To Arrange For Delivery. Any Orders Made before 4 p.m are Shipped or delivered same-day. Later than that, Next day.

Please Note:

FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE NAIROBI, Parcel fee/Delivery fee is paid before the package is released, which is paid directly to G4S Till Number.

-Amount depends with your location Ranging – Ksh 300 – 750

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